I can’t believe it’s February already…. When it was time to prepare the February menu I was taken aback for a couple of seconds trying to understand how time literally just flies away!

February is one of my favourite months, to be honest. Even though I don’t buy into the Valentine’s day madness myself I honestly enjoy watching people embrace the feeling of love and find ways of expressing their love, even if it is on a specific day. Love is love and whenever one wants to express it I am a firm believer that one should. Love makes the world go round after all! 🙂

As I sit in our new office, listening to Dean Martin’s “The man who plays the mandolino” I find myself drowning in euphoria. You see when I’m having a challenging day this song manages to put the butterflies back in my tummy. It makes me imagine that I am in a movie of the time strolling carelessly through tiny Italian streets without a care in the world.

Moving into our new kitchen has really been great, but also remarkably challenging. Challenges come with all new beginnings but if you have a good support network the challenges that we come face to face with are merely tiny obstacles on the path. I am extremely thankful that we have an amazing team and seeing us all work together is a reminder of what an amazing force together we can be. A few times this week I took a step back and observed how naturally things flow in the kitchen. Call me silly but it reminded me of a few bees. I have a fascination with bees. They are such a huge part of our entire existence, it is inevitable not to feel humbled by them. Challenges in our lives are never-ending, they might be small, they might be big, and everyone has their own mountain to climb but if your fellow bees gather together they can help move that mountain. So choose the people that surround you wisely. Choose people that lift you up. Choose people that will gather around you and carry you when you need carrying just like you would do the same for them.

Have a wonderful month ahead filled with love. I leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Nietzsche.

“Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge. We are perpetually on the way thither, being by nature winged insects and honey gatherers of the mind.”