People that matter

Good evening 🙂

People that Matter.I have been working on this for the past couple of weeks now. I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions and aspirations when it comes welcoming the new year.

Coming up to a new year I prefer to look back at the year that has passed and remember the experiences that made me grow stronger.

The GoodSnack Co-Founder

The past year has been more that I could have ever asked for in so many areas of my life. I welcomed new people in my life which showed me what true kindness and support means. One of the most important people that changed my life this year is my friend, sister and partner in all this, Lina. For those of you who don’t know Lina she is one of the most colorful, positive, kind people I have ever met. Through Lina I explored places of my soul I never knew existed and taught me things no educational system could ever teach me.

For many many reasons that I obviously will not share here I am forever grateful I have her in my life.

The Kitchen Staff

The past year has also given me the chance to work with people that have really embraced the idea of what makes a good team. I am obviously talking about our kitchen staff which have always pulled through and always managed do so with a smile on their faces.

Thank you

Keeping in mind all the above, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. Without your love, support and picky eaters 🙂 we would have never be able to be where we are today and for that Lina and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Plain and simple.


Thank you!

Closing my final Good Read of the year, I can only promise that exciting and new things are coming from The GoodSnack team in 2023. We hope you continue to be part of our journey of Goodness and we look forward to 2023 with all of you guys by our side.


Lots of love from The GoodSnack team, Lina and myself.