International Womens day

How fitting it is that I choose to write this month’s blog post on the 8th of March. I always like to think that our lives are like waves. That we are in constant movement, sometimes we have small waves to ride over and sometimes we have big long waves that feel that they will last forever. I always like to remind myself that we just have to ride that wave as best we can and try to always keep our head above water.

Today, we celebrate the incredible women who ride these waves every day and have made an impact in their communities and around the world. We honor the women who have shattered glass ceilings and broken down barriers, who have fought for justice and equality, and who have inspired others to dream big and aim high. We celebrate the young women who are the leaders of tomorrow, who are breaking down barriers and making their mark on the world. We honor the girls who are standing up for their rights and demanding change, who are using their voices to make a difference, and who are inspiring us all with their courage and determination.

On this International Women’s Day, let us be inspired by the incredible women who have come before us, who are leading the way today, and who will continue to shape the future. Let us celebrate the achievements of women and the progress we have made

Taking International Womens day as a good incentive to write this month’s blog I look around and I am truly humbled by the women in The GoodSnack team. 

I dedicate this post to them.