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One of our main focuses is to always use fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables in our menus. Our menus will change monthly and during that time your child will experience various flavours and ingredients.Vegan menu available here Menus will change once a month. Within each month you should expect 5 different boxes weekly. Every day of the week will be recurring.

April 2023 | Weekly Menu


Beetroot and cream cheese sando
Wholemeal sliced bread | Cream Cheese| Boiled beetroot

Banana muffin
Organic bananas, dark chocolate chocolate chips goodness transformed into a delicious GoodSnack sweet muffin

Whole fruit
Seasonal whole fruit

Fresh Lemonade
Freshly squeezed lemonade, sugar free

* Protein Bar applies only for the 9+ box.


GoodSnack cheese and turkey butter croissant
Butter croissant | premium low salt boiled turkey breast | Mild edam cheese slice|  100% dairy butter

Trail Mix
An assortment of nuts and dried fruit to make the perfect  trail mix combination

Lemon rasberry muffin
Snackin good lemon muffin filled with organic rasberries

ABC JUICE (Apple, beetroot, carrot)
A selection of seasonal ABC fruits squeezed on the day of delivery

* Protein Bar applies only for the 9+ box.


Sourdough Avocado and Cream cheese spread sando
Freshly Baked Sourdough bread | Avocado | Mild Cream Cheese Spread

Organic Sweet Baby carrots
Baby carrots roasted with organic maple syrup and 100% virgin olive oil

Strawberry Muffin
Snackin good strawberry muffin filled with organic strawberries

Carrot and Orange Juice
Fresh orange and carrot  juice pulp mixed into a delicious juice filled with goodness

* Protein Bar applies only for the 9+ box.


Chicken and Mayonaise bread roll
Whole grain bread roll | 100% organic homemade mayonnaise  | Boiled chicken slices |  Lettuce hearts | Cucumber slices

Chocolate muffin
Our very own GoodSnack no sugar  chocolate muffin

Our no sugar, vegan TWIX bar is one of our most liked items

Apple Lemonade
Apple and lemon juice mixed together with a pinch of honey to make a refreshing Spring beverage

* Protein Bar applies only for the 9+ box.

FRI-YAY | ClaroGift Included!

What's included?

American Waffles with honey
American Waffles  | Honey Pot

Pizza Margherita Muffin
A GoodSnack original recipe especially made for our FriYay box!

Organic sweet corn
Organic sweetcorn tossed in salted butter and sea salt

Organic Hybiscus Ice Tea
Hybiscus tea Infused with berries and a touch of organic agave syrup

* Protein Bar applies only for the 9+ box.

You can customise your box based on your or your child's preferences.


April 2023 | Vegan Weekly Menu

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Spiced Chickpeas in a whole-grain wrap with lettuce


Vegan Vanilla Biscuits

Vegan surprise bites

Freshly squeezed lemonade



Crunchy Peanut Butter and banana wrap

Veggie cup

Slices of cucumber & carrots with cherry tomatoes

Overnight oats with honey and seeds

Vegan surprise bites

Orange Juice



Vegan cream cheese & Avocado spread with lettuce & Cucumber

Chia pudding with Granola & agave syrup  topping

Whole fruit

Vegan surprise bites

Mixed Berry Juice



Vegan Halloumi and Cucumber Sandwich wrap with lettuce and celery

Veggie cup

Banana & Sesame bites

Vegan surprise bites

Fresh Apple juice



Lentil bowl with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and lemon dressing

Whole Apple

Gingerbread cookies

Vegan surprise bites

Mixed fruit Juice

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