ClaroKids x TheGoodSnack Project

What is ClaroKids x TheGoodSnack?

It's a fun and educational gift which you receive every Thursday afternoon with your FriYAY box. This gift is an activity with seeds to help children learn about plants, fruit, vegetables and seasons.

What is Clarokids?

Clarokids is an educational project which aims to connect children with nature. Through products, activities and workshops, we help children create healthier habits that connect us to the plant life cycle. We are what we eat and we create experiences to help others understand and appreciate the seed-to-table cycle.

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Educational - Fun - Easy

Your children will learn about plants and seasons and how to care and interact with them.
They will have fun, get inspired and learn how to grow their own vegetables and fruit from seed.

The Clarokids activity is included in your box and delivered to your door every Friday.