Are you up for the challenge?

Since September the most most common concern and challenge we have amongst parents is that their children are picky eaters and they are worried the children will not eat what is in their box. We always quickly reassure them, as I am doing to you now, reminding them that all our boxes are fully customisable to cater to individual needs.

My Challenge

As you know by now I live with possibly the pickiest eater out there. My son will give me a hard time on a daily basis about something he gladly ate in the past and now has suddenly decided that he does not like it anymore. I am almost certain when that happens to you, similarly to me you have a spat of rage inside of you and sometimes feel like you are close to a nervous breakdown. “Why won’t you eat it? You had it last week and you loved it!’ is usually how the conversation goes inside our head.  


“Lead by Example”


The other night I was doing some work, and trying to figure out what to put on Giorgo’s preference list for this month…and I decided I would do something to fully understand how to move forward with this.

Encourage and Experience

Similarly to the way we encourage our children to try new things, and experience new tastes I thought “I could do that too, get a better perspective, lead by example and live through the experience. So I decided I would begin eating something that I am not too fond of, or even dislike completely for 21 days. I am curious to see if my palette will be trained similarly to the way we hope it will happen to our children. 

My Poison

My “poison” for these 21 days you might ask? Oranges. YES! You read that correctly, as much as I love the fact that we have them on the menu every month, they personally give me an “ick” feeling. I will gladly eat other citrus fruits but I have never been fond of oranges. So, for the next 21 days I will be eating an orange a day. I’m hoping through my tasting experience I will have a clear outlook on how our picky eaters operate.

I welcome you to do the same! Starting Monday the 23rd of January, choose one thing you do not like eating, stick with it for 21 days and let me know how it goes! 

Afterall we cannot be the irritating mums that keep nagging about food, if we do not lead by example!